Address Search API

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Use the Address Search API to search and retrieve address details from the Telstra address database. This service provides a mechanism to return addresses in both structured individual fields and unstructured AU Post format along with details of sub-addresses based on the inputs you provide. The API supports the following operations: GET/addresses/addressId Retrieve address in multiple formats based on addressId. GET/addresses/nbnLocationId Retrieve address in multiple formats based on nbnLocationId. GET/search Provides list of addresses based on the keywords entered in the search field. POST/structured This resource supports address search using individual structured fields. POST/unstructured This resource supports address search using unstructured fields. POST/co-ordinates This resource retrieves addresses, within a defined radius of requested latitude and longitude geolocation coordinates. This capability will return the address details in simplifiedStructured format. Quotas have been applied to the Address Search API to ensure the stability and availability of the service. There are hourly and daily quotas. To obtain a high-level overview of how the Address Search API relates to the overall Q2A process, please refer to our TW APIs Overview. Benefits The Address Search API is a high-availability, stand-alone API. It returns full address details in both structured and unstructured formats, depending on your needs. Terms and Conditions Your use of the Address Search API is bound by these Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to the overall TW Dev Portal Terms and Conditions when you sign up an account, you agree to all API specific Terms and Conditio