Notification Preferences API

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The Notification Preferences API allows you to set the preference details for notifications sent to you by Telstra Wholesale. Your notification preferences specify the notification types that you are subscribed to as well as the URLs to which each type of notification should be pushed via the Push Notification API. The following notification types are currently supported by the API: Order Notifications (NBN and Fibre service orders updates) Ticket Notifications (NBN and copper tickets) Diagnostic Result Notifications (Wideband, NBN and copper diagnostic tests) The following operations are currently supported by the API: addPreferenceDetails This resource inserts the customer notification preference to the notification database. You can use this to set your initial notification preferences. updatePreferenceDetails This resource updates the customer notification preference in the notification database. You can use this resource for any subsequent updates to your notification preferences. getPreferenceDetails This resource retrieves the customer notification preferences. You can use this resource to view your notification preferences. The Notification Preferences API is a web service based on JSON/REST protocols. The service uses JSON format to pass information to and from the consumers and the details of the message format are described in the relevant sections. Benefits The Notification Preferences API gives you full control of your notification configuration, eliminating any need to rely on TW Support team. It makes updating your notification preferences quick and easy. Terms and Conditions Use of the Telstra Notification Preferences API is bound by these Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to the overall TW Dev Portal Terms and Conditions when you sign up an account, you agree to all API specific Terms and Conditions