Pull Notification API

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The Pull Notification API allows you to retrieve notification messages generated for you by Telstra Wholesale. The following notification types are currently supported by the API:

  • Order Notifications (NBN order updates)
  • Ticket Notifications (NBN and Copper tickets)
  • Diagnostics Result Notifications (NBN and Copper diagnostic tests)
  • Ticket Create Result Notifications (NBN and Copper tickets)
  • Appointment Reschedule Result Notifications (Copper only)
  • Call Diversion Result Notifications (Copper only)
  • Isolate Line Hunt Result Notifications (Copper only)

By default, the API returns only unread notifications that have not previously been received by you (notifications can be received via either the Push Notification or Pull Notification API). If required, previously received notifications can be retrieved by using the query parameter include=all or include=read. Once a notification has been returned by the Pull Notification API, it is marked as read and can only be retrieved using include=all or include=read.

The notifications to be returned can be filtered by specifying a date range in the query parameters. Additional filters can also be applied for each specific notification type and are described in the API specification section. If a large number of notifications match the request query parameters, pagination will be applied to the response. This will return a maximum of 50 records and a field specifying the URL to retrieve the next set of records.

Notifications remain available for retrieval via the Pull Notification API for the following time periods, regardless of read/unread status:

Notification Type Notification Availability Period
Orders 14 days
Tickets 7 days
Diagnostic 7 days


The key benefits of Pull Notification API inlcudes the following:

  • Provides all the benefits of Push Notification, but allows you to pull the notifications when you want to process them.
  • If you are utilizing the Push Notification API, this API can also be used for reconcillation by retrieving all notifications over a period to ensure no notifications have been missed. It will also allow you to pull any unread push notifications.

Terms and Conditions

Use of the Telstra Pull Notification API is bound by these Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to the overall t.dev Terms and Conditions when you sign up an account, you agree to all API specific Terms and Conditions.