Service Qualification API

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The following operations are currently supported by the API:

simple-sq-details Returns the simple services available at the address. This resource currently returns details of nbn‚ÄčTM services available (calling and internet). In the future it will be extended to return other available simple service types such as PSTN and DSL.

The Service Qualification API is a web service based on JSON/REST protocols.

Quotas have been applied to the Service Qualification API to ensure the stability and availability of the service. There are hourly and daily quotas.

You can make up to 20 simultaneous connections. Please contact Telstra Wholesale Support if this parameter needs to be adjusted for your company.


  • The Service Qualification API is a high-availability, stand-alone API. It returns the service types available at a particular address.
  • Access to additional information specific to the site including available speeds.
  • The API enables you to bypass our online ordering application, and retrieve information directly via the source systems‚Äč.

Terms and Conditions

When registering for the Telstra Wholesale Service Qualification API, you agree to the following API-specific Terms and Conditions and the overall Terms and Conditions.

Your use of the data provided by this Service Qualification API is subject to the terms and conditions of your Customer Relationship Agreement or Telstra Wholesale Agreement (and related operational documents), with Telstra (including provisions relating to use of “Service Qualification Data” and confidentiality). The data provided by this Service Qualification API will be treated as “Service Qualification Data” under those agreements.

You agree and acknowledge that use of this API is subject to Telstra Wholesale’s legal obligations to nbn co, including Telstra Wholesale’s obligation to stop or limit the volume of requests and transactions in certain circumstances.