WideBand Feasibility API

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The Wideband Feasibility API allows you to perform availability checks for Telstra Wholesale wideband products and infrastructure. These checks allow you to determine the Telstra Wholesale wideband products and access technologies along with associated information of the Exchange Service Area (ESA). 

This API can be used for the following Telstra Wholesale wideband products:

  • Ethernet Access (CRA/TWA 245)
  • Ethernet Backhaul (CRA/TWA 246)
  • Managed Leased Line (CRA/TWA 170)
  • Broadband Aggregation (CRA/TWA 71K, CRA/TWA 171, CRA/TWA 200 and CRA/TWA 201)
  • Wavelength (CRA/TWA 150)
  • Wholesale Business Internet (CRA/TWA 251)

The following operation is currently supported by the API:


When the input parameter is a Telstra Address ID, “ADBoR ID” or NBN Location ID, the API will return Telstra Wholesale wideband products that is supported at the address along with ESA information. It will also perform availability checks against Telstra Green Site List (GSL) and Red ESA List (RESA). A favourable response indicates that an order to the specified address will not attract Special Linkage Charges.

If the input parameter is a four-letter upper-case ESA code, the API will return supported Telstra Wholesale wideband products as well as Zone, Region, Area and State information of that area.

  • The Green availability response for pre-confirmed addresses (Green Site List).
  • The Red indicator for sites greater than 200 km from the nearest Telstra depot (Red ESA List).
  • Telstra Wholesale wideband products available on Telstra Fibre and Copper/nbn TC2.
  • Zone, Region, Area and State information of specified ESA.
  • The installed equipment indicator for Wholesale Business Internet product.

The Wideband Feasibility API is a web service based on JSON/REST protocols.

Transaction volumes are controlled via quotas to ensure consistent and reliable performance of the API for your anticipated API request volumes. Please contact Telstra Wholesale Support before implementing this API to discuss your anticipated request volumes.

TW Wideband APIs Overview

The Wideband Feasibility API should be incorporated into your quoting and ordering processes and used in combination with the other Telstra Wholesale Wideband APIs.

To obtain a high-level overview of how the Wideband Feasibility API relates to the overall Q2A process, please refer to our TW APIs Overview.


The Wideband Feasibility API has the following benefits:

  • You can integrate wideband feasibility checks directly into your IT systems, meaning your users don't have to swivel-chair to the Quote2ActivateTM application, saving your time and associated labour costs.
  • You can confirm product availability before starting a price check.
  • Allow customer to obtain information related to the specified ESA.

Terms and Conditions

When registering for the Telstra Wholesale Wideband Feasibility API, you agree to Terms and Conditions set out in this document, the Telstra API Developer Portal Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions of your Customer Relationship Agreement or Telstra Wholesale Agreement (and related operational documents) with Telstra.

You must also ensure your users comply with these terms and that you and your users understand the Site Enablement Price (SEP) Framework Customer Guide (located in the ‘A-Z Documents’ section on the Telstra Wholesale Customer Portal) and the content of the Wideband Feasibility API pages within this portal.